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We moved to LPL Financial from an insurance based broker dealer to unlock the potential value of our business.

What is your long term vision and mission for your business?

Polaris Advisors is a Pennsylvania based group of professionals in Wealth Management and Financial, Business, and Estate Planning strategies. Our mission is to raise the level of professionalism in the financial services industry as a whole.  We place emphasis on high professional standards in knowledge, ethics, and experience to reinforce trust with our clients and to create a positive impact. 

Will it allow you be able to keep the promises you have made to the clients you serve?

At Polaris Advisors, we act with integrity and compassion and use our resources and knowledge to build relationships that work towards positive growth and financial independence for our clients and their loved ones. We strive to be educators of our communities, helping people discover and pursue their personal and financial goals.

Why Join Polaris Advisors? 

  • Ownership in Your Book of Business – You’ve worked hard to build your client base, it’s time to own it. Build immediate equity in yourself, your business, and your practice from day one.
  • You and your clients believe you can influence change – As more and more investors try to align their investments with the values and social ideals that shape their worldview, Polaris Advisors is here to help them execute on their goals through proven Investment and Financial Planning strategies.
  • Advisor-Centric Culture – As an independent firm our culture is shaped and formulated by our peers. This creates a mutually beneficial experience and one deep-rooted in the shared success of each member of the team.
  • Internal Succession Planning – Whether you’re still in growth mode or looking to slowly wind down and retire; the diversity of our advisors creates a dynamic environment for internal succession planning. Looking to acquire a practice? Looking to sell and monetize the hard work you’ve invested in your practice? We help simplify the process through competitive and transparent acquisition partners and a streamlined, friction-free process.
  • Automated Online Marketing – We provide compliance-approved social media posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. Send your clients email communication relating to information pertinent to your needs.
  • Have a Voice – Your ideas are important to us and deserve to be heard. 

Additional Resources and Support 

  • Transition Planning & Support
  • Ongoing Marketing Support
  • Business Consulting & Strategic Guidance
  • Investment Strategies
  • Financial Planning
  • Compliance Support
  • Advisor Coaching

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